Who is Scott B. Jones?

I am passionate about making images of visual perceptions as I am out wandering with my camera. For me it is a meditative process of discovering often surprising or beautiful visual gems. These images are not made it the traditional way of preconceived mental constructions and composing, but are encountered by remaining open to what ever appears and trying to stay true to that discovery without changing anything. My practice has its roots in the teaching of "Miksang" - a form of Buddhist contemplative photographic practice. More information on this practice of perception and photography can be found at the originator's Miksang website.

Other portfolios on this site are of a more traditional form of photography.

I run the Interim Photographic Critique Group which was started by master photographer Minor White in 1961 which has met continuously since then.

I am the director and curator emeritus of the Camerawork Gallery in Portland, Oregon which is the nation's oldest continually operating fine art photography gallery.

I have written and published a book on the history of vintage photography informed by my passion for dogs: The Dog Album: Studio Portraits of Dogs and Their People.

I live with my wife Lorraine and Yellow Labrador Retriever Emma in Portland, Oregon.