The Dog Album: Studio Portraits of Dogs and Their People

I wrote this book out of my love for both dogs and vintage photography. It explores examples of dog and human photography in all the vintage photographic formats including Daguerreotypes, Ambrotypes, Tintypes, Carte-de-Visite, Cabinet Cards, Stereographs and the Real-Photo Postcard. Images are from 1840 through 1900.

One reviewer has written:

"In Praise of The Dog Album"

Reviewer: Dr. James S. Higginbotham, Boston, MA

"In this era of specialization, it is most refreshing to be exposed to a book which stimulates interest in multiple, seemingly unrelated subjects. Such a book is The Dog Album, authored by Scott B. Jones and Gary E. Eichhorn. First of all, the book presents a brief but fascinating, especially for the novice, overview of the history of photography. It also provides some interesting background pertaining to the development of modern canine breeds. But most of all, it reflects a profound, sincere love of dogs, and an illuminating historical manifestation of the relationship of dogs and their owners. Certainly, these latter two qualities give The Dog Album its lasting value. I believe the astute and sensitive reader will be drawn to this book looking both forwards and backwards. Backwards, as one cannot help but relate to the mutual love and respect between owner and dog reflected in these wonderful photos. And forwards, as we are better able to understand our current relationship to a favorite dog in an historical context. In conclusion, The Dog Album is not a book one buys, reads a single time, and places on the shelf to gather dust. It is a book one will return to over and over again, to help remember past friends (i.e., dogs) and to more fully appreciate current friends (i.e., dogs)."

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